How To Know When To Replace An Air Conditioner

Air Condition

The temperatures are already creeping up in Millbrook, Alabama. Many people are beginning to start up their air conditioning systems to stave off the heat. Unfortunately, many homeowners will find the unit is not working as well as it was last year. In some cases, the unit may not be working at all.

If the system is not working properly, the first thing many homeowners do is call the local heating and cooling company. The company can provide quick service to get the system running properly. Unfortunately, an older system may require frequent repairs. At some point, homeowners must decide if their system needs more repairs or if it’s time for an ac replacement.

Air Conditioning Repair

Whenever there is an issue with the home’s cooling system, it is always a good idea to contact a professional to provide the necessary repairs. Hiring a contractor that specializes in air conditioning services ensures the system gets the proper attention it needs to continue to keep the home comfortable throughout the summer months.

There is nothing more frustrating than having the air conditioning go out on a really hot day. When the temperatures get really high in Millbrook, Alabama, a home can reach very high temperatures. This could be dangerous for some household members. Contacting a professional at the first sign of a problem could prevent a full breakdown and keep the home safe and comfortable.

Signs of an Air Conditioning Problem

For homeowners to be able to contact a repair technician at the first sign of a problem, they must be able to identify a problem with their air conditioning. Some early signs of a problem are not easily identifiable. Getting familiar with these problems can help ensure repairs are made in a timely manner.

Homeowners can easily tell if their unit is not working at all or even if it is not blowing cold air. However, they may not be able to tell if the air coming from their system is cold enough. The temperature of the air at the supply register should be 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the air at the return vent. If it is not cooler, the system may be low on refrigerant or be experiencing another issue. A professional could help identify the problem.

Frequent cycling of the system is another sign of a problem with the air conditioning system. There could be a malfunction in the unit or the thermostat could be damaged. Strange smells, sounds, or any other noticeable changes to the system could all be a serious problem that could pose a risk of a breakdown. It is important to contact a professional to inspect the unit and make any necessary repairs.

Signs the Air Conditioning Needs to be Replaced

There comes a point when homeowners must consider replacing their air conditioning system. Unfortunately, there is no specific date on the unit where it expires. A standard system lasts between 15 to 20 years. Barring a complete breakdown of the system, it can be hard to tell when the unit should be replaced. These signs can help homeowners determine the best options for them.

15 Years or Older

If the system is more than 15 years old, homeowners should begin looking into a new system. Even if the system is working perfectly fine, it may be a good idea to start planning for the new unit. Although there may be a few more years on the system, budgeting now could save a struggle when the unit goes.

Higher Energy Bills

If each year the energy bills seem to get higher when running the system, it may be time to consider a more efficient unit. As an air conditioning system ages, parts begin to wear out. This makes the system work harder to produce the same cooling it previously did, increasing energy costs. In addition, many newer systems come with better energy ratings that could help offset the cost of the new unit.

Major Parts are Breaking

If an expensive part of the unit breaks down, it may be a good idea to replace the whole system, especially if the unit is more than 15 years old. For example, if the indoor equipment fails and is replaced, it may put more strain on the older outdoor equipment. Replacing both would ensure the proper functioning of the system and prevent a breakdown during hot weather.

Frequent Repairs

If the air conditioning system gets proper maintenance before it is used, it should not break down during the summer months. An occasional problem is understandable, but if the unit is frequently needing repairs or breaking down, it may be time to replace the system. Having several service calls to the home each summer could be more expensive than a new system.

Professional Installation

When planning to get a new unit, it is important to have a professional install the system. Companies that offer air conditioner replacement services are better prepared to provide proper installation of these units. Improper installation could pose risks to the unit and its ability to perform as it should.

Professional installation companies also provide warranties for their work. This means that, if there ends up being a problem with the unit due to the installation, the company will repair the issues, often at no charge to the homeowner.

Maintaining the New System

Once the new system is installed professionally, it is important for homeowners to provide proper maintenance for the unit. This will ensure that the unit provides cool comfort in an efficient manner for its entire life. It is recommended that air conditioning systems receive service at least once a year before the unit is to be regularly used.

Many companies that offer professional installation and repairs for air conditioning systems also provide regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep them running as they should. If you’re considering a new system or need a tune-up, call today and schedule an appointment.

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