6 Reasons to Install A Generac Generator


Modern homes rely on electricity for the majority of normal functions. Whether that involves heating and cooling the home or keeping food cold in a refrigerator, power is an essential resource in a house. When the power goes out, having a reliable backup is vital to preserve the level of comfort in the home and prevent heating or cooling emergencies.

AirNow Cooling and Heating knows that homeowners need reliable and efficient methods to power their homes during a power outage. One reliable way of ensuring electricity remains in the house during a power outage is by using a backup generator. In the past, portable generators that ran on gasoline were the most common option for residential homeowners. More modern technologies exist today, such as Generac generators that can supply the entire home with power. A portable generator’s power output is limited by the quantity of fuel provided.

What Are Generac Generators?

This type of Generator is steadily growing in popularity for both residential and commercial use. Created by Generac Power Systems Inc. as a reliable backup power source, they provide a power solution for customers needing automatic standby power during an outage. 

They are easy to install in a house or building and provide reliable standby power for the entire home. A portable generator will only power a limited number of appliances and electronics plugged into it. Generac generators are hooked directly into the home’s fuel source to provide always-on power when needed for the entire house or building. Portable generators will only run for a limited time frame based on how much fuel is available.

Six Benefits of Using a Generac Generator

Having backup power in a residential home or business location can help prevent emergencies when the power goes out. Here are six reasons why a Generac generator is a perfect solution for standby power needs.

1. Reliable, Always-on, Standby Power

A Generac generator will be ready to provide power at a moment’s notice when a sudden power outage occurs. To ensure a portable generator can handle sudden prolonged use during a power outage, it will need to be tested periodically to ensure functionality.

These generators prevent the need for manual testing with their Quiet Test Technology. A Generac generator will quietly test itself once a week to ensure everything is working correctly.

2. Quick, Automatic Start-up

Power outages happen when least expected. Having a reliable method of powering the home fast will be essential to prevent any potential emergencies. Generac generators provide standby features that ensure homeowners will worry less during a power outage.

When the power goes out, the Generac generator will sense the loss of electricity and start automatically to provide backup power. The generator will provide power within seconds of a power outage, engaging quickly when needed.

3. Smart Energy Distribution

A popular feature of the Generac generator line is the Smart Management Modules it uses to help save homeowners money.

Smart Management Modules supply power only to the essential circuits in the home first before allowing less-essential circuits access. Homeowners can purchase lower wattage generators that provide their power needs while also working within their budget.

4. Multiple Fuel Options

Some types of fuel provide better options than others. Generac generators come with a variety of fueling solutions to combat this issue. Remember to practice proper safety procedures when dealing with any type of fuel regarding portable generators.

Natural gas is the most common fuel source in homes for appliances. Propane and diesel are also two available fuel sources for Generac generators. Depending on which fuel source is readily available for the homeowner, there will be a Generac generator model for them.

5. Easily Monitor From Anywhere

Like many things in modern society, there is an app for that. Generac generators are no different. Utilizing their Mobile Link Technology, homeowners can monitor and access their Generac generator from anywhere.

After the generator gets installed, it will get linked to the mobile app on the homeowner’s smart device. The app lets them monitor the generator’s performance and includes information on fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and the overall status of the Generac generator.

6. There’s a Model for Every Situation

Like the variety of different sizes of homes, Generac generators also come in different sizes. Generac has a wide range of efficient and affordable power solutions for its customers. From portable generators to mobile generators used on construction sites, there’s an electrical solution available to fit every home’s unique needs.

Generac generators come with a quality guarantee for every single unit sold. Generac provides both residential power needs and commercial power needs. Whether it’s a small home or a hospital, Generac generators can provide the necessary power needed.

Setup and Installation

Setting up a Generac generator is hassle-free. When a homeowner needs a whole-home generator solution, they will want the one with the least frustration and worry. 

A reliable electrical services company can help alleviate some of this worry with a quick consultation and estimate.

An authorized Generac dealer can typically install the generator within a day. Homeowners should consult with their installation experts to ensure they get a generator that’s suitable for powering the home. Once the model is selected, it will be brought in and the site prepared. This includes gravel or cement foundation installation, electrical and fuel connections, and final testing of the generator once installed.

Advice From Experts

Power outages often occur with no advance notice. Having a reliable power solution on standby is vital to prevent emergencies during an outage. With a Generac generator on standby, a home or business owner can rest assured their home or building is comfortable and capable of handling any length of a power outage.

Generac generators are reliable, efficient, and come equipped to deal with prolonged power outages. With their pressure-lubricated, purpose-built, G-Force engines at their cores, Generac generators can handle any rigors of prolonged use.

Call Someone With Experience

If you’re still unsure if your home will benefit from a Generac generator, our helpful experts can walk you through everything you need to know. AirNow Cooling & Heating has been in operation for over 30 years. We specialize in HVAC systems, cooling & heating technology, and backup generators. Give us a call for a free quote!