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Montgomery Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

Keeping Your Power Running Safely & Smoothly

It’s impossible to understate the degree to which power runs our world. Just about every aspect of our homes is electrically powered these days, including the light we see with, the heat we cook with, our security, our doors, and so many other things as well. That means even a small problem in your electrical system can have some pretty far-reaching consequences, and those issues can be more than just a mild annoyance in your life. If you’re looking for skilled Montgomery electrical repairs and maintenance services you can count on, look to AirNow Cooling & Heating to get the job done.

At AirNow Cooling & Heating, we diagnose and repair a wide range of electrical problems, including:

  • Light fixtures
  • Circuit breakers
  • Outlets & switches
  • Ceiling fans
  • Electrical controls
  • Telecommunications infrastructure

Dial (334) 384-6050 and schedule service with AirNow Cooling & Heating today!

We Can Fix All of Your Home’s Electrical Problems

Customers across the area have come to trust AirNow Cooling & Heating because they know we’ll get the job done right. Our electricians are all trained in the latest tools and technology to make sure everything they do is up to modern standards, and they are all equipped with the knowledge of the unique electrical challenges found throughout our communities. In short, nobody is better-equipped to handle your issue, and nobody will earn your trust like we can. We’ve been leaving customers completely satisfied with our service since we first opened our doors back in 1991.

Don’t Try to DIY—Call AirNow Cooling & Heating Today!

Electrical issues should always be treated with the highest levels of seriousness. Electricity is an extremely powerful and useful tool, but it can also be dangerous if mishandled. Without the proper tools or training, you could be setting your home up for trouble or even priming it for a potential disaster, let alone putting yourself at risk for serious injury.

AirNow Cooling & Heating prioritizes safety while doing the job right. Our technicians are all trained to address issues with all parts of your electrical system and do so safely with the right tools and methods. They are also trained in the latest electrical codes and safety guidelines to ensure that everything they do adheres to modern standards and serves your home while ensuring you and your loved ones remain protected.

Do I Have an Electrical Problem?

Are you experiencing erratic behavior in your electrical system? Chances are you might have a problem. Give our team a call if you experience any of these potential issues with your electrical:

  • Flickering or blinking light fixtures
  • Sparking when you plug something in
  • Sparking or a cracking noise when you flip on a switch
  • Outlets or switches that are warm to the touch
  • A particular circuit breaker that keeps shutting off

Any strange or unusual behavior could be a sign of an issue that needs to be properly repaired, and issues aren’t always what they seem. For example, a flickering light may seem like an issue with the fixture or bulb, but it could be a sign of a failing circuit breaker or a short in the system. Our pros get to the true source of your issue and fix it for you properly.

Electrical Repair FAQ

  • What do I need for my appointment? For most repairs, all we need is the ability to see the erratic electrical behavior and access the impacted features. That may include removing faceplates, turning off circuit breakers, and potentially inspecting other areas of your home that may not seem connected to the problem itself (you’d be surprised how often they are). Be prepared for us to need to access electrical infrastructure throughout your home.
  • How much will my repair cost? Our electrical repairs are customized to every client, and every repair will have different needs. While it’s impossible for us to give quotes online, we will provide you with an accurate and honest quote before we begin our work.

Choose AirNow Cooling & Heating to help you with your electrical issues! Contact us for an appointment today.

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