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Prattville is a lovely city in Autauga County and has a strong community of residents. Homeowners from Hwy 14 to Hwy 30 need dedicated heating and cooling services to keep their homes comfortable. Property owners in the tri-county area know that the area’s weather changes quickly, and they may run their heater and air conditioner on the same day.

For this reason, the owners know that keeping heating and cooling systems operating at peak performance levels isn’t just important. It’s a basic requirement, and highly-skilled HVAC professionals are there to help all homeowners avoid the humid Alabama heat and the chill of late winter.

Gauging Refrigerant & Testing for Leaks

AC services include gauging the refrigerant levels and testing for leaks. In Alabama, all HVAC professionals that manage refrigerants must have proper certification. An amateur HVAC provider will lie and claim that the state doesn’t require certification, and they can purchase the gas from suppliers and use it. Any HVAC service that isn’t certified faces penalties and places the homeowners at risk.

The refrigerant levels must remain consistent or the unit won’t produce cool air and keep the home comfortable. If the unit is leaking, the technician must find the leak and fix it quickly. A refrigerant leak presents a risk to the environment and the system.

Testing for Gas Leaks

Heating services manage systems that operate on either electricity or gas. If the system is gas-fired, the HVAC technician must assess the system for gas leaks during annual inspections. If there is a leak, the service provider must find and repair it fast.

If a leak was found, the property owner should install a carbon monoxide monitor to alert the owner of any gas-related risks. The technician assesses the monitor during inspections and ensures that the device works properly.

Is It Time to Replace Your Unit?

The average lifespan for heating and cooling systems is about 10 to 15 years. If the unit is at least 10 years old and failing, the technician reviews the components first. If the problem is a single component, the service provider replaces the part to restore the services. If the unit has several issues, or there were several failed attempts to repair the system, the technician recommends a total replacement.

Our knowledgeable HVAC professionals help Prattville homeowners choose a new heating or cooling unit. Professionals understand what unit size is appropriate according to the square footage of the property. The number of living spaces, the height of the ceilings and the energy ratings are factors considered. The homeowners schedule the new installation after comparing prices and deciding which unit is most suitable.

Identifying Maintenance Requirements

The system type determines what maintenance services are performed. The technicians clean out the entire heating and cooling system to remove allergens, dust and contaminants. The air filters are removed and replaced. All components are lubricated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The technicians evaluate the entire heating or cooling system to reduce wear and tear, and the homeowners won’t have to worry about avoidable system damage.

Some service providers may offer a service contract with new system installations. The contracts could provide some discounts on maintenance services and protect the system. Proper maintenance services extend the life of the HVAC systems.

System Checkups & Inspections

System checkups and inspections are completed annually along with maintenance services. HVAC technicians complete the assessments if there was electrical damage that affected the heating or cooling systems. When a property owner is preparing to sell their property, an HVAC professional can complete an inspection and determine if the owner needs to set up repairs or replace the unit before the sale.

Establishing Connections for Smart Home Connections

Technological advances offer excellent solutions for homeowners and give them more control of their HVAC systems. Smart home systems connect to all electrical systems in the home and give the owner remote access to the systems.

With these connections, the owner can turn the heating or cooling systems on or off, and they can adjust the temperature. These features offer energy savings for the owner and prevent the systems from operating too frequently when the homeowner isn’t at home.

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