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Basics on AC Drain Line Clogs

When your home’s air conditioner cools down areas of the home, it’s not only removing heat – it’s also removing humidity, or moisture, from the air. In a working system, this moisture collects in what’s called the condensate drip pan, then is pushed into a tube that leads outside and [...]

HVAC Condensate Problems can be Fixed by an HVAC Montgomery, AL Company

An ordinary homeowner will require the assistance of a professional air conditioning unit technician to repair and replace their cooling and heating systems. HVAC technicians are trained to help homeowners install, repair, and maintain their HVAC systems. Here are some of the things every homeowner needs to look for in [...]

Will a UV Light for AC Eliminate Mold?

You may have heard of UV (ultraviolet) rays or lights from your science teacher or eye doctor. They’re a spectrum within the light the sun creates and provide a critical function for the planet’s ecosystem. UV rays act as mother nature’s sanitizer. Anything organic that’s exposed to UV ultraviolet lights [...]