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Heat Pump Repairs & Replacement Options

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Reverse Heating Systems:

  • Combine both an air conditioner and heating system in one.
  • Are whisper quiet.
  • Maintain very precise temperature readings.
  • Are safe.

Reverse heating systems – also more commonly known simply as heat pumps – collect the ambient heat in the air outside your home, compress it into hot air and distribute that air through your home. They are known as reverse systems because they actually serve dual purposes: while they introduce warm air into your house during the winter, the systems also have the ability to distribute cool air into your home during the summer.

Benefits Of Reverse Heating Systems

  • Reverse heating systems are highly energy-efficient. In fact, they can result in a reduction of up to a third of your overall energy bill.
  • There are no exposed elements with a reverse heating system, making them safer than other types of systems.
  • They are ideal for filtering a home’s air, creating a cleaner, more comfortable environment.
  • A well-maintained system can last many, many years.

Reverse heating systems are a great, economical way of maintaining an optimal comfort level in your home. If you currently have a reverse heating system in need of repair – or if you feel it’s time to upgrade your system – contact the HVAC professionals at AirNow. We can be reached at 334-835-8246 ,, or online.

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