Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring is a great time to clean and declutter. It’s also the perfect time to open your Alabama home to air out and clear out all the dust that settled over the winter. Even though spring cleaning takes a bit of time and energy, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some strategies for spring cleaning made easy.

Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easy

Whether you dread the idea of cleaning your home or have been looking forward to spring cleaning for months, having a plan can make the process more enjoyable. Try these quick and easy spring-cleaning tips to minimize your effort and reap the benefits of spring cleaning.

  1. Make a plan. It may be tempting to pack as much of your list as you can into a day or two. But cramming too many things is likely to burn you out and make next year’s spring cleaning much harder to bring yourself to do. After all, starting is the hardest part. Instead, make a manageable schedule that helps you move step by step.
  2. Arrange your priorities. As you make your schedule, put the more difficult tasks at the top of the list. Tackling the chore while you have the most energy will make it easier and also give you a good sense of progress early on.
  3. Schedule room by room. Organize your cleaning checklist into feasible goals. Going room by room lets your focus on part of the house and stay motivated by seeing the progress as you go.
  4. Clean from top to bottom. Clean with intention. As you dust the ceiling fans and cobwebs out of the corners, the dust falls to the floor. Avoid recleaning spaces by starting on top and working your way down.

Taking One Room at a Time

Keeping the home clean requires regular care for each room. Even if no one uses the space, dust collects and has to be swept or wiped away. In addition to all of your regular cleaning, add these tasks that are often overlooked.

  • Living room. In addition to regular cleaning, this is a good time to dust the mirrors, picture frames, and light fixtures. Give fabrics a little love by cleaning the curtains, lampshades, carpets or rugs, and upholstery. Add your favorite polish to wooden or leather furniture to keep them looking their best.
  • Kitchen. Deep clean the oven and stovetop and degrease the oven door. This is also a good time to scrub away any collected grease or grime from the backsplash and range above the stove. Wipe down the shelves and drawers of the refrigerator and pantry, discarding expired food. Finally, move and clean around and beneath large appliances.
  • Bathroom. Spray an antibacterial cleaner on the bathtub and shower. Remove and wash the shower mat, and clean or replace the shower curtain and liner. Consider brightening the space with a summery color.
  • Bedroom. Remove all the bedding and pillows to be cleaned. Contemplate switching your sheet set to a brighter color for summer. Flip the mattress. Clear out the closet and under-bed storage to be decluttered and reorganized.

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Add Home Systems to the Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning isn’t only about dust and grime. Keep your home safe and comfortable by making sure each of these systems is running smoothly.

  • Tune-up HVAC. Schedule a spring inspection to make sure your system is ready for summer.
  • Test security. Replace batteries and test your fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. Check the expiration of your fire extinguisher. And check that all of your home security cameras function properly.
  • Inspect the plumbing. Look for leaks and signs of water damage. Use baking soda and vinegar to clear each of the drains. This is also a good time to soak the faucets in a vinegar solution to break down any calcium buildup.
  • Examine electrical. Review your electrical outlets for darkened or burn marks and ensure each of them works properly.

Keep the Air Clear for Spring

All the dusting, vacuuming, and spraying to clean your home throws dust, dirt, and chemical particles into the air. Even if you don’t typically suffer from allergies, the extra weight in the air can trigger a reaction. To help purify the air, ensure your HVAC system has a fresh filter and is up-to-date on air duct cleanings.

How often should you clean your air ducts? Most homes need a cleaning every two to three years. However, if your home has pets or a family member with allergies, cleaning more often will make your air more comfortable to breathe.

Companies that Clean Air Ducts in Montgomery

Over the winter, your Alabama house is closed and stuffy. Opening it up to spring clean also stirs up all the dust that has settled in the nooks and crannies. A well-maintained HVAC system and clean air ducts can help clear the air. To ensure your ducts are clear, contact our certified Air Now Home Services specialists at (334) 384-6050 or schedule service online for expert service in the Montgomery area.