Springtime Electrical Safety Checklist

Air conditioning and indoor air quality systems account for tens of thousands of injuries each year. In addition, over 7,000 house fires result from a problem with the air conditioner in the home. As warm weather is upon us, now is the time to inspect the electrical system and have any necessary repairs completed. Use the following springtime electrical safety checklist when conducting this inspection to ensure you overlook nothing that could lead to harm to the home or its occupants. 

Conduct an Energy Audit

Spring serves as the perfect time to conduct an energy audit and learn where you can make improvements. Talk with AirNow Cooling and Heating to learn what you should focus on during this audit. As soon as temperatures climb outdoors, people will call for AC repairs. 

Consider adjusting the setting on the hot water heater to save on energy bills. Now may also serve as the perfect time to replace existing light fixtures with energy-efficient LED ones. The electricians will make recommendations on how to bring your energy usage down, so ask for their input. 

Inspect Cords, Outlets, and Switches

People rarely give thought to the outlets and switches in the home and overlook the cords that power their electronic devices. Examine all interior and exterior outlets and switches to see if they need repair or replacement. Any loose-fitting plugs need to be a cause for concern and homeowners should have an electrician address frayed wires. 

If you are using extension cords to power one or more devices in the home, consider having additional outlets installed to prevent electrical hazards. Never plug major household appliances into an extension cord. If this is the only way to power them now, contact our company. We specialize in electrical services and can help you resolve this problem and safeguard the home. 

Request a Professional Inspection

Many household appliances and systems remain idle during the winter. For example, a homeowner may close their pool or hot tub when the weather turns cold. Now is the time to have these items inspected. This inspection ensures the outlets remain protected from water damage and all outlets are ground fault circuit interrupters. During this inspection, the technician will check the air conditioner to ensure it works as intended. 

Homeowners find that taking this step in the spring allows them to address any inefficiencies and prevent costly repairs. The electrician may recommend installing GFCI outlets in areas exposed to high moisture levels, and local building codes might require these outlets. 

Fire Safety Actions

Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Change the batteries if needed and replace any detectors that don’t work properly. In addition, make certain the fire extinguishers are ready for use, as nobody wants to learn they have a defective extinguisher during a fire in the home. 

Spring Cleaning

Pull the refrigerator out and vacuum behind it. Any dirt and grime on the coils interfere with the proper operation of the refrigerator. The coils may overheat and lead to a fire. Yearly cleaning of the coils helps to reduce the risk of damage to the appliance and a house fire. Furthermore, cleaning the coils improves the efficiency of the appliance and extends its lifespan. 

While in the kitchen, clean the stove’s exhaust hood. This appliance collects grease and grime when you are cooking. A thorough cleaning will improve the appearance of the exhaust hood while improving its efficiency. Use a degreaser recommended by the manufacturer to ensure you don’t damage the appliance, and turn off power to the unit before beginning the cleaning process. 

Move to the laundry room and clean the dryer ducts before putting the cleaning supplies away. If you cannot do the work because you lack the necessary tools, hire a professional to clean the ducts. Complete this task every six months to prevent electrical fire and improve the efficiency of the dryer. 

Whole-House Surge Protection

Consider investing in a whole-house surge protector. Spring storms can do significant damage to a home, particularly when lightning strikes a power line. The whole-house surge protector reduces the risk of damage to appliances and electronics in the home during these storms. Ask the electrician to inspect the circuit panel and meter box when they install the surge protector to learn whether they are in good working order. 

Outdoor Tasks

When completing your electrical safety checklist, don’t neglect the exterior of the home. Ensure all outdoor lighting fixtures remain in good working condition and consider investing in landscape lighting to increase the safety of the home while adding to its curb appeal. Now is a good time to invest in a security system or update an existing one. 

Learn what steps should be taken if a tree or limb comes down on the power lines, and talk with an electrician about installing a backup generator so you are never without power. Before doing any work in the yard, however, learn where the power and water lines are, so you don’t accidentally hit them as you carry out the desired projects. 

Never attempt to make repairs to the electrical system. Leave this task to the professionals to ensure the work is correct. They undergo countless hours of training to ensure they can handle any electrical repair and will install new fixtures, rewire an existing light, or add an outlet where needed, among other things. Once they complete the project, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the system is in good working order and ready to meet your household’s needs. 

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