Are Split Air Systems Worth Buying?

Air Split System

After a complete air conditioner failure, property owners need to find a replacement unit to restore cooling services and keep the property at a comfortable temperature. If the system goes out during the hottest summer days, the family needs a faster installation to keep them safe from heatstroke or heat exhaustion. Emergency cooling services can also help them during these crises, and HVAC professionals understand how frustrating it is to face summer heat without air conditioning. These professionals come to the owner’s rescue and offer sound advice about what units are the most beneficial. Split systems could offer more for homeowners based on their current budget.  

More Energy Efficient

split system air conditioner is a more energy-efficient choice over more expensive units. For homeowners with a modest budget, the split system helps them control their energy costs. The owner can adjust the temperature according to their preferences and maintain a cool home all summer long. These split systems are easy to maintain and keep clean, and the homeowner won’t spend a lot on air filters or maintenance services.

HVAC technicians can help customers choose between split systems and find the best option for their cooling demands. These units offer energy star ratings that show how much the owner could save each year. Learn more about these air conditioner installations from the experts at AirNow Cooling and Heating.

The Systems Are Quieter

Homeowners are all too familiar with the noises coming from central units, and once the AC gets older, these noises are often too loud and disrupt movie night. These split air systems aren’t noisy, and the family won’t hear the air conditioner engage or shut down. No noise pollution is ideal for homes with small children, and the parents don’t have to worry about sleep disruptions because the air conditioner came on. Their kids can sleep peacefully all night, and everyone will enjoy the cool air on the hottest summer days. 

The Installation Is Cheaper

For many homeowners, when an air conditioner fails, the biggest obstacle is finding an air conditioner that isn’t too expensive and won’t increase their cooling costs. This is why many families with modest incomes buy window units, but overall, window units drive up cooling costs and won’t provide as many years of use.

If the owner chooses the split system, they can get the complete installation cheaper than an average air conditioner installation, and the cost of cooling their home won’t become overwhelming. A major plus when choosing the split system is that the AC doesn’t require any ductwork, and families can save more on labor and supply costs for their new air conditioner. 

The Systems Are Smaller and Offer Better Zoning 

Split AC systems do not take up a lot of room, and the systems are incredibly small when compared to standard air conditioners and even window units. These AC designs offer better zoning, and the owner can control where the cool air flows in their home. They can send more cool air to living spaces according to where the family is, and the owners can shut off spaces that are used rarely, like storage rooms. Zoned cooling can also control how much the family spends each month on electricity. Find out more about split air systems services and discover how you can save more on your cooling needs. 

The AC Doesn’t Interfere With Your Interior Designs

Homeowners can decorate their homes however they want and won’t have to worry about their air conditioner installation. Central heating and cooling systems might take up space in the hallway and prevent the owner from placing shelves or decorative items in these spaces because of the system’s casing. If the registers are on the floor, the owner and their family have to move furniture around based on where the vents are. With a split system, the technicians can install the system from the ceiling, and it won’t take up any space or derail the homeowner’s decorative aspirations.  

HVAC technicians can show customers all the different ways they could install the split system. They offer the most optimal location for the system to keep each room cooler and prevent the family from becoming uncomfortable at any time during the summer. What is great about the split system is that technicians can move them around the inside of the property to find the best installation spot. 

They Don’t Present Security Risks Like Window Units

While window units are heavy, a criminal who is determined to get into the property could lift the window and remove the unit. Home security is vital for all families, and a lighter window unit just gives perpetrators a way into the home. A split AC system doesn’t allow that access, and the homeowner doesn’t have to leave any windows cracked open or unsecured. No one in the family will have to worry that a criminal will remove the window unit and get into the home.  

Easy-to-Clean Air Conditioners

Split air conditioners are easy to clean and won’t cause poor indoor air quality, and the family has a cleaner living environment. These designs are cleaned quickly. Homeowners can open up the system after unplugging it and vacuum out the interior. If there is any stuck-on dirt or debris, the owner can use a damp rag to remove it and clean their system.

Homeowners won’t spend a lot on maintenance services and don’t need professional HVAC cleaning services to get the full benefits of the split system. Cleaning around the unit is easy, and anyone can do it. There aren’t any lengthy maintenance tasks outlined by the manufacturer that require high costs for homeowners.  

Where to Get Cooling Services 

At AirNow Cooling and Heating, we offer a full catalog of air conditioning and heating systems for all property owners in our service area. Our HVAC technicians will answer all of your questions about getting a new unit, and they can help you find the best installation for your home. Visit us today to find out more about split systems.