The Advantages Of Home Generators for Power Outages


In the U.S., power companies are facing a significant supply chain crisis, especially in the summer, and the state of Alabama is feeling the impact of these dilemmas. Alabama Power continues to try to stock up on supplies to repair utility lines before major storms hit the state. However, increases in storm activities make the task more difficult when supply chains begin to slow. Extreme summer temperatures increase problematic situations and drive up power demands. Learn more about electrical services in Alabama and how home generators can decrease your risks during power outages and supply chain crises. 

A Reliable Power Source

Whole-home generators give homeowners a reliable power source and immediate backup during a power outage. Despite the most accurate weather reports in the summer, no one can predict how long it will take Alabama Power to restore power services, especially if significant storm damage happens.

Major storm systems spread far and wide in the summer, and in later summer months, it might rain every afternoon. Even with a well-coordinated plan, Alabama Power and its crews cannot get the power back on instantly, and some citizens in Alabama might not have electrical services for days. A home generator is an answer to these persistent outages. 

Improving the Safety of Your Home

A backup power source improves the safety of your home throughout the year, and many residents cannot go without power. Whether it is a lack of climate control or the need for equipment that requires power daily, a whole-home generator gives the family fast access to power until Alabama Power restores the utility services. The family doesn’t face health risks because of extreme temperatures, and their home is comfortable all the time. No one needs candles to light their living spaces or has to worry about falling asleep with candles burning. 

You Won’t Lose Your Groceries

Property owners incur financial losses during power outages because the food in their refrigerator or freezer spoils. Many homeowners buy all their groceries for each pay period all at once and don’t want to go back to the grocery stores often.

If there is a supply chain crisis, Alabama Power might not notify all its customers quickly enough for them to find another storage option for their food. A long-term power outage causes, on average, hundreds of dollars in food losses per residence in the tri-county area and throughout the state. Find out more about installing a Generac generator to avoid the impact of sudden power outages. 

Protecting the Elderly and Small Children During Extreme Temperatures

Health statistics show the effects of extreme temperatures in Alabama and how the heat and humidity affect seniors and small children. Extreme temperatures during the winter are just as dangerous. Power outages place their health in jeopardy, and the longer residents go without heating or cooling services, the greater their risk of serious illnesses and possible fatalities. Homeowners need a backup power supply if they are elderly, live with seniors, or have small children in the home. 

Weathering Natural Disasters Without Serious Property Damage

Hurricane season for the state of Alabama runs from June 1st to November 30. During this period, major storm systems frequently cause extensive damage not just to homes but to the power lines, causing extensive power outages from the coast up to central Alabama. After a hurricane makes landfall and spreads, the power outage could last days or, in events like Hurricane Opal, some homeowners might face power outages for weeks. A generator during hurricane season not only keeps the power flowing to the home, but the installation could also save lives.  

Avoiding Delays in Power Restoration

A whole-home generator prevents homeowners from facing power restoration delays. Homeowners who choose these installations won’t spend time refreshing their smartphones to find out the projected power restoration time or date through their Alabama Power account. They can flip and switch and enjoy the benefits of climate control and full-home power.

Electrical professionals will set up panels on the roof to collect solar energy throughout the day and store the energy in batteries. The generator connects to these batteries and provides reliable power for the entire property, and the installations don’t require gas, which is increasing in cost in recent months. 

Immediate Access to Your Electronics and WiFi

A dedicated backup power supply gives homeowners immediate access to all their electronics, and they can charge their smartphones or use any of their devices. Unless a storm damages the internet lines, they can connect to their home WiFi and enjoy all the great benefits of their home network. Many residents use streaming services instead of cable, and without a WiFi connection, some residents cannot watch TV or movies. Reliable generators ensure the residents have access to all power-related services.  

Avoiding Power Surges When Utility Companies Restore Power

Power surges often happen when the power is restored if homeowners don’t have whole-house surge protection. Unfortunately, significant power surges cause electrical damage and increase electrical fire risks. Property owners that have a generator won’t experience these dangerous power surges because they can switch from utility-based power to their generator in seconds. 

Generators are safer choices than waiting for Alabama Power’s crews to restore the power if there is a projected long-term power outage. During major storms, property owners don’t know how long it will take to get the power back on in their neighborhood. Alabama Power can provide a projected restoration date or time, but if the crew arrives in the area and doesn’t have all the necessary supplies to fix the utility lines, these restoration times or dates will change drastically. Generators are the only way to avoid long-term power outages and related risks.  

Where To Get Electrical Services in Alabama

At AirNow Cooling and Heating, we know how frustrating and dangerous a power outage is for everyone, and our professional electricians install reliable generators to power an entire home. Our products last for many years, and we offer service plans for affordable repairs and maintenance services. Contact us today to set up your whole-home generator installation.