8 Signs You Need A New HVAC System

Tech installing a part into an HVAC system

Millbrook homeowners know it’s important to have reliable heating and cooling systems to avoid their family being miserable in the heat or cold. If the HVAC systems aren’t performing as expected, the owners know it’s time to call a professional without delays, especially in the summer when the temperatures reach record highs. Read further to find out about the eight signs your home needs a new HVAC system. 

The System Is Over 10 Years Old

On average, a heating or cooling system lasts around 15 years, especially with the unpredictable heat in Alabama. Air conditioners work overtime in the summer months since it seems to get hotter each year, and in winter, the surprise snowfall takes a toll on heaters. If the homeowner experiences HVAC issues and their system is at least 15 years old, it might be time to set up a new hvac installation

The Repair Costs Aren’t Feasible

Millbrook residents want affordable HVAC repairs when possible, but sometimes the repair costs for the current unit aren’t feasible. If the cost of repairing the current HVAC system is close to or more than buying a new heater or air conditioner, HVAC professionals recommend the new installation. With a new heater or cooling system, the customer gets a new unit and the product warranty that comes with it. The manufacturer’s warranty covers the HVAC system for many years and replaces it if any parts become faulty or fail to work as expected. 

Extremely High Energy Costs

All Alabama homeowners know that Alabama Power increases energy rates a little too frequently, so a slight increase in energy costs isn’t something they don’t expect. However, if the home’s energy costs increase significantly, the heater or air conditioner is short cycling or using too much energy. If repairs do not correct these issues, it’s time for a new installation to improve energy efficiency. A new heating installation might help them reduce propane or natural gas costs, too. 

Your Home Won’t Stay At a Comfortable Temperature

Record high temperatures make it harder to keep a home comfortable especially if the air conditioner is not working properly. If there are hot spots throughout the home, this is a sign that it’s time for an air conditioning installation. Even Rich Thomas with his accurate weather reports cannot predict when your air conditioner can no longer handle the task of cooling your home when it’s 90 to 100 degrees outside for weeks. If your home isn’t comfortable, set up an inspection to test the performance of your AC. 

Odd Noises Coming from the Unit 

Odd noises, such as knocking or grinding, could indicate a serious problem with the heater or air conditioner. It’s not worth the risk to take a chance in extreme temperatures, and customers can get a fast estimate for repairs or a new unit. Homeowners shouldn’t risk it to save money and have their unit fail at inopportune times. Extreme temperatures can become too much for the elderly or families with small children. Anyone living in Millbrook or the tri-county area can get fast assessments and find out if they need to replace their HVAC systems or if repairs can correct the problem. 

 Poor Air Quality

An air conditioner or heating that wasn’t well-maintained causes poor air quality, and the home becomes an unhealthy living environment. Pollutants, allergens, and dust often increase allergy and respiratory symptoms. This is why most HVAC professionals recommend seasonal cleaning services before the start of the season. Air filters must be changed at least once a month during periods of heavy use, and seasonal cleaning removes all the debris from previous seasons. A faulty AC or heater circulates these harmful substances throughout the home and won’t perform as expected.  

The Unit Won’t Come On

Air conditioners and heaters that won’t turn on could be faulty. The technicians start by testing the thermostat, and if the thermostat is the culprit, a technician can replace it quickly to restore heating or cooling services. Next, they test the electrical connection to ensure that power is flowing to the circuit. If there is power coming from the breaker box, the system may have failed, and the owner could need a new unit. 

HVAC technicians can provide a full catalog of heaters or air conditioners that are right for the home. They can also help homeowners find heaters or air conditioners that are within their budget. If the customer cannot pay the full upfront costs, they can finance their new installation and submit monthly payments. Service providers have several plans that are helpful for all families and won’t leave these families without heating or cooling services.  

Hot Air in the Summer Or Cold Air in the Winter

HVAC products that aren’t producing the correct air temperature need repairs or replacement. For both heaters and air conditioners, if they aren’t controlling the interior temperature, the problem could be a major component. Unfortunately, when several components fail at once, the repair costs are astronomical. An air conditioner blowing hot air might have a frozen evaporator coil, a refrigerant leak, or a fan motor failure. A heater blowing cold air might have a faulty heating element, and a repair service can determine if the unit is repairable. 

These major signs of failure require fast action or the family is left without proper cooling or heating, and in Alabama, that is not acceptable. The weather is too unpredictable at times to wait to buy a new HVAC system, and for some people, a delay could create life-threatening circumstances. At the first sign of any major failures, call an HVAC professional to set up services. 

Where to Get HVAC Services

At AirNow Cooling and Heating, we understand the challenges of the Alabama weather, and our technicians have the training and knowledge to manage any HVAC issues that arise. We offer comprehensive heating and cooling services for all customers in our service area and treat all customers like family. Give us a call and find out more about our high-quality repair and replacement services.