HVAC Coupons that Can Save Money on Maintenance of Your System

Regardless of the temperature, it’s always important to keep an HVAC system in good condition. The unit must work overtime to keep a family comfortable. One of the best ways to keep a unit running efficiently is by hiring a professional service technician to provide regular maintenance. This is an essential investment. It also can be a costly one. There are some things a homeowner can do to get the most out of their HVAC unit and generate some savings. 

Look for Coupons to Decreases Maintenance Costs 

Save on your system with coupons. Many homeowners don’t think about coupons when it comes to getting their unit services during the spring or fall months. There are several HVAC coupons that are available for many types of maintenance tasks. These tasks include servicing duct work, preparing the unit for warmer months, and servicing the unit during the cooler months. 

The type of discount offer will vary depending on the company. For example, some companies offer coupons with certain money about $20, and offer spring maintenance. Other HVAC companies offer a percentage off of the work such as 20 percent off work. 

Companies will also have discounts and coupons on specific parts of the unit. This can help when maintenance is completed and an issue with a part is discovered. Some manufacturers also have coupons on certain parts to reduce costs of maintaining a unit. 

Other Ways to Decrease HVAC Maintenance Costs 

Prolonging the life of a unit is most important to saving money. Besides scheduling regular maintenance, clean and replace air filters frequently. A dirty air filter is the enemy of an HVAC unit. In addition, it can negatively affect the home’s indoor air quality. Air filters should be cleaned and/or replaced approximately two months after installation. If a homeowner has pets, the air filters must be changed every month. The filters tend to trap the pet hair and other debris. 

Get an energy audit. An energy audit is like a doctor that makes house calls. The “doctor” is an energy auditor who informs the homeowner what’s wrong with the home. This includes if there are gaps in the windows that let hot air outside instead of keeping indoors. Many utility companies will conduct an energy audit for free or for a small fee. 

Another way to save money is to move all furniture away from the unit’s vents. This allows the vents to deliver all the necessary heat the unit puts out. If the vents are blocked, the unit must work harder to heat the home. 
Make sure that ducts are wrapped tightly. Heat loss can happen when ducts are not tightly connected. This means that before heat can make its way into a space, it leaks out of the ducts. If the home has a fireplace, keep the damper closed when it isn’t in use. This prevents the warm air the HVAC unit generates from moving into the damper and outside. 

Getting a New HVAC System 

Sometimes an HVAC system has done all the work it can do. This means a homeowner needs a new unit. A new HVAC system is a big investment. A homeowner can decrease the costs of a new system by looking for coupons and other types of discounts too. Just like maintenance coupons, there are coupons available on certain units to decrease costs. 

For example, a homeowner can take advantage of tax credits and rebates on new HVAC units. Many HVAC companies have rebates and coupons on new units that will decrease overall costs. The homeowner may qualify for federal tax incentives too. 

Maintaining an HVAC unit requires a lot of work. It doesn’t have to include a lot of money. Finding coupons and other discounts will significant lower the cost of maintaining the unit. 

Check Around for the Best Coupons for HVAC Maintenance 

Before scheduling HVAC maintenance, it’s important to search around for the best coupons of maintenance. Many HVAC companies offer coupons online. This makes it easier to compare the discounts with other HVAC technicians in the area. Also, call each HVAC company. They may have some discounts and other coupons not advertised on their websites. 

By checking around for discounts and coupons, a homeowner can decrease the overall costs associated with keeping their HVAC unit running smoothly. Coupons and other discounts are important, but it is also important to save money by doing the little things. These little things like cleaning and replacing air filters every month or two months can really save money on HVAC maintenance too.