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For many people, gas heat presents a viable, economic alternative to an electricity-powered heating system.  Using gas tends to be more cost-effective in the long run than electricity.  But what if you already have a heating system running off electricity?  Is it worth it to convert it to a gas system?

How can I tell if I should convert from electric to gas heat?

First, you must ask what kind of electric heat you have now.  Converting from electric to gas heat is much easier and less expensive if your home is using a forced air system or similar modern HVAC unit.  Converting a house using baseboards or radiators for heat is a more complex, time-consuming process, as duct work and other new components will likely need to be installed.  You will want to consider whether the time and cost of the conversion will be worth it.  AirNow’s expert technicians can perform an analysis of your home and provide you with information specific to your individual needs to help you make an informed decision.

Second, you should check with your local utility company to ensure that gas heat is offered in your area.  The Alabama Gas Corporation provides gas heating services for Montgomery and most of the surrounding communities.

Is it worth it to convert?

In many areas gas heat is less expensive than electric heat (sometimes considerably less expensive).  During winter customers with gas heat may experience lower utility bills than those using electric heat.  The question is do the long-term savings you can enjoy outweigh the initial costs of performing the conversion?  In many case the answer will be “yes,” but your best bet will be to schedule an appointment with an AirNow technician.  They can walk you through your options and provide a free estimate, along with up-front pricing on how much the conversion will cost, before any work is done.  And while we don’t cut corners, we guarantee we will perform the work at the most reasonable cost possible, so you can save some money right out of the gate.

Interested in converting?  Contact AirNow

Electric to gas conversion can present long-term financial rewards.  If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to schedule a service visit, use our online scheduling form and contact AirNow today.  You can also call us at 334-285-7065, or email us at  We can turn your electric heat into gas – affordably.

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