One of the keys to maintaining optimal comfort and air quality within a home is making sure you have a clean, well-kept, properly functioning duct system.

AirNow can help.

Coomon Duct Problems Large

Think of the HVAC unit as the heart of the heating and cooling system and the duct system as the veins. Much as veins distribute blood,

ducts disburse air that is generated by the main HVAC unit throughout a house. Because air is being continuously circulated, it’s very easy for ducts to accumulate dirt and other buildup. Dirty or improperly installed duct work can lead to a myriad of challenges, including the circulation of unclean air which can cause potential health problems. Poorly designed or improperly cleaned ducts can also impede the airflow that is getting into the house, causing the system to waste energy (because it’s running more often) and raising utility bills unnecessarily. Further, all of these issues could result in larger problems in the future – including the increased potential for substantial, frequent repairs.

Clean, well-maintained ducts are a must for a comfortable home. That’s why the professionals at AirNow are trained to evaluate, repair and clean all manner of duct work. Our services include:


If your heating or air conditioning system is constantly running, but the temperature in your home is still not where you want it to be, there’s a good chance your duct system needs some work. Call us at 334-285-7065, email, or use our online form to set up an appointment. We’ll be happy to schedule a visit by an AirNow technician, who can evaluate your current duct system – or any other heating and air conditioning need you may have.