The Benefits Of Installing A Programmable Thermostat

Millbrook homeowners need upgrades that give them more out of their heating and cooling systems. When making changes, they could find great benefits by choosing a programmable thermostat for their HVAC systems. The thermostats offer a variety of features that make heating and cooling the home more convenient and cost-effective. 

HVAC professionals can provide homeowners with several programmable thermostat models that meet their needs. They can also help property owners find features that improve their lives and take some tasks off their shoulders. 

Instant Energy Savings 

A programmable thermostat gives the property owner immediate energy savings. Instead of setting the thermostat manually and adjusting it frequently, the homeowner sets up programs for the thermostat at different times of the day or night. These programs engage each day according to the homeowner’s preferences. 

In the summer, they can adjust the temperature up when they aren’t home, and in the winter, the property owner can set up a program to operate the heating system at a lower temperature. A third program adjusts the temperature during hours when the property owner will be home.

They can save a lot of money by making these adjustments according to when they are home. When the homeowner isn’t home, they don’t have to keep the temperatures where they are comfortable. They just need the system at a temperature that prevents property damage. 

An Opportunity to Automate the HVAC System

Thermostats with programmable features give property owners automated opportunities. Automated heating and cooling systems manage the homeowner’s heating and cooling demands, and it is one less thing for the homeowners to concern themselves with each day.

The programs give the homeowner a comfortable home, and they won’t have to make any adjustments upon arriving home. The system will manage everything for the homeowner. Once they set up the programs, homeowners can just come home to a comfortable property and never have to worry about it getting too cold or too hot.  

Regulating the Temperatures

HVAC systems require the homeowner to choose comfortable temperatures that meet their needs. If the property owner programs the thermostat to run at the same temperatures each day, it regulates the heating or cooling system. The system won’t operate at odd temperatures or engage too frequently. The homeowner must make adjustments as necessary to keep their home at the right temperature.

When it comes to Alabama weather, not only is it unpredictable, but it is also possible to have summertime temperatures during the winter. When setting up a program for the thermostat, the property owner must review the upcoming weather report first. This could keep the temperatures regulated and decrease the risk of wear and tear on the heating or cooling system. 

Extending the Longevity of the System

A heating or cooling system has a projected lifespan of around 12 years, and if the systems are maintained properly, the property owner may get 3-5 more years of service. By installing a programmable thermostat, the property owner could decrease the risk of wear and tear on the systems.

The HVAC systems operate according to the programs and won’t require the homeowner to adjust the temperature up and down themselves. It presents a consistent schedule for the heating or cooling system, and the system becomes conditioned to operate at the set temperatures. This could give them more value from the heating or cooling system.  

Access to Programmed Zoning 

Zoned heating or cooling provides homeowners with a great option to send heated or cool air into specific areas of the home. They can adjust the system to send more air to the bedrooms when the homeowner and their family are sleeping. They can also alter the zoned heating features to send more air to the living space during the daytime.

The programmable thermostats make it easier to adjust the zoned features according to when the property owner is home and where they are in the home. The homeowner can reduce the amount of heated or cooled air that flows into rooms that are used less frequently. This could give them immediate energy savings for their home and cut down on their heating or cooling costs each year. The property owner gets great benefits by using zoned heating and cooling with their programmable HVAC thermostats.  

Alerts for System Issues

Programmable thermostats have a digital display that gives the property owners information they need immediately. If there is an issue with the thermostat or the heating or cooling system, the display shows a code, and the property owner will contact their preferred service provider to get repairs. It is a great option for protecting the heating or cooling system.

For example, it could indicate a failing component, inform the homeowner when to change the air filters, or tell them when the system needs more refrigerant. The thermostat features help the property owner avoid system shutdowns and keep their home at a comfortable temperature all through the year. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

All Alabama homeowners want better energy efficiency for their properties, and they may install a variety of new features and systems in their homes to achieve energy savings. When it comes to a thermostat for their heating and cooling systems, a programmable thermostat could provide the homeowner with more energy savings. 

With the programmable features, the property owner can operate their cooling systems at higher temperatures to keep costs down, and they could run the heating system at lower temperatures to control expenses. The settings can prevent the homeowner from adjusting the temperature too often and failing to get more savings.

The property owner can use the features to make faster adjustments if there are sudden temperatures outside that affect their energy efficiency. Everyone who lives in Alabama is familiar with the unexpected temperature changes each season. 

Remote Access to the Thermostat

With remote access to the thermostats, the property owner can monitor the interior temperatures at any time, and they can tap into the programmable thermostat and make necessary changes. They can change the programs to adjust the temperature if they are returning home earlier than expected. The features allow the homeowner to connect their system via a tablet or smartphone. Remote access is convenient for homeowners whether they are working or if they go on vacation.  

Smart Locking Features 

Smart locking features are convenient services that come with some programmable thermostat models. The homeowner can set up programs for operating their heating or cooling system according to their preferences, and they can set the smart lock to prevent their kids from changing the thermostat settings. This could help property owners with teenagers avoid heating and cooling costs that are higher than necessary.

The programmable thermostats allow the property owners to set up a digital code to lock and unlock their system, and the property owner won’t have to worry about unexpected increases in their heating or cooling costs. They won’t have to worry about their teens increasing or decreasing the temperatures without permission.  

Work Well With Smart Home Features

Smart home features are beneficial for all property owners, and they gain more control over systems in their homes. With a smart home system, the homeowner gets control over their HVAC systems, lights, electronic locks, and other automated systems installed throughout their homes.

With a programmable thermostat, the homeowner can connect the thermostat to the smart home system and control all systems with one device. This could provide them with better control over their heating and cooling system, and the property owner can make adjustments when necessary.  

Change the Settings Whenever You Want

The thermostats allow the property owner to change the settings any time they want. For example, they can set up programs to engage their air conditioner for the first time according to the weather report, and they won’t have to come home to a hot house that is uncomfortable. The new settings shut down the heating system just as the temperatures increase. 

Since Alabama temperatures often change more frequently, the homeowner can listen to the weather report ahead of time and set up programs according to the predicted temperatures. If they are facing higher-than-average fall or winter temperatures, the homeowner could make a fast adjustment to prevent the heating system from engaging. Everyone who lives in Alabama knows that seasonal temperatures are not always consistent with the season. The fast changes keep the home comfortable throughout the year.  

Seasonal Programming Options

Seasonal programming options are helpful for homeowners, too. The thermostat will save all the programmed settings for the homeowner, and they can access the settings at any time. As the seasons change, the property owner can scroll through the programs and engage any preset programs at any time. This is more convenient for the property owners and helps them get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. 

Preventing Frequent Cycling 

Frequent cycling could present the homeowner with serious heating and cooling issues. It happens when a component is failing and when there is a draft near the thermostat. If the system cycles too frequently, it drives up heating and cooling costs, and the system could sustain some damage.

With a programmable thermostat, the system will not engage unless the room temperature is above or below the set temperature. The programmed settings could increase the return on investment of the HVAC system and regulate the temperature. 

Programs Available for 5 Days and Week and Separate Settings for Weekends

With 5-2 programs, the property owner creates settings according to their work schedule, and they can set the thermostat to run the heating or cooling system at a different temperature when they leave for work and adjust it within an hour of their returning home. They can also adjust the temperatures for the weekend and keep consistent and comfortable temperatures all weekend long. It is easy to make these adjustments, and the homeowner will have one less thing to worry about during their busy work week.   

System-Specific Thermostats

Property owners can get a programmable thermostat that is system-specific. They can get a thermostat for a variety of heating and cooling systems that optimize performance. For example, if they have a heat pump, they can get a programmable thermostat designed specifically for the heat pump.  

Smart Programming Features for Google, iPhone Connections, and Alexa

Smart programming features work well with Google, iPhone, Android, and even Alexa. The property owner can check with their preferred service provider to find the best thermostats for these connections.  

Connections for Security Systems 

Property owners can choose programmable thermostats that work well with their security surveillance systems. It is a great opportunity to connect several electronic systems within the home together and give the property owner more control over the systems.

They can connect to their security system and adjust the thermostat and other home features with one device. Most security surveillance systems give the property owner a control panel and access through their tablet or smartphones. It is more convenient for all property owners, and they can keep the property at a comfortable temperature in the unpredictable Alabama weather.  

Where to Get HVAC Services

AirNow Home Services offer exceptional heating and cooling services for residential and commercial property owners in their service areas. The service providers complete consultations, inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and new installations. The company has a rich history of excellence and guarantees all its services for Alabama service providers. Property owners can learn more about getting a programmable thermostat by setting up a consultation with the service provider now. 

Millbrook property owners choose programmable thermostats for a variety of reasons. The unpredictable Alabama weather can present some challenges for homeowners, and they will need a thermostat that can meet these challenges. Everyone who lives in Alabama knows that it is important to adjust their systems according to the current weather reports. 

HVAC professionals help property owners choose the best thermostats for their heating and cooling systems. The homeowners can set up programs to operate their HVAC systems and keep the property at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.