Benefits of a Reme-Halo® Air Quality System

It is estimated that the average person, when resting, takes about 16 breaths per minute. This means that each person is breathing around 8.4 million times each year. That does not even take into account how often a person exercises, which results in many more breaths per minute. Every breath counts when exercising, resting or doing anything for that matter, but most people take the act of breathing for granted – until, of course, something impacts the ability they have to breathe easily. Poor indoor air quality is something that affects millions of people, every single day. It can lead to serious respiratory health issues, along with many other problems.

How Does the Reme Halo® In-Duct Air Purifier Work?

This is touted as being the main innovation in the field of IAQ technology. It is the Reme Halo®

In-Duct Air Purifier, which is designed to recreate the natural, green process that is used to purify the air. It helps a person bring fresh air into space without having to open the windows. This will help to purify every inch of the interior space. It is also very effective when it comes to eliminating three of the most common indoor air pollutants, which include gases, microbes, and particulates.

The first step is to invest in air quality testing, as this will let someone know if something like the Reme Halo® In-Duct Air Purifier is needed. If it is determined that it does, the device can be installed. It works with a special type of technology, which is referred to as Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy. After it has been installed, the plenum is put into the air ducts in the HVAC system and the device is going to work to create something called hydrogen peroxide plasma. This IAQ solution will then distribute the plasma throughout the air handler of the system and the ducts in the home’s living areas. Some of the other passive indoor air quality solutions require the pollutants and particles to move through them to provide purification and filtration. With the Reme Halo® In-Duct Air Purifier, it operates much more proactively, helping to get down to the source of the pollutants and then purifying them instantly. This helps to make them easier and bigger for the HVAC filter to effectively trap. Hydrogen peroxide is something that occurs naturally in the atmosphere of the Earth. They are part of the natural process that is used to purify the air.

No Reported Cases of Hydro-Peroxides Causing Health Risks
Everyone has encountered hydro-peroxides, as they are present in nature and have been around forever. Hydro-peroxides are made in the atmosphere when oxygen joins with water vapor and energy or an electromagnetic force. This oxidant is referred to as hydro-peroxide and it can destroy microbes through the process of cell lysing. This is a process that breaks down the membrane around a cell. For example, the saliva in the mouth breaks down food so it can be digested when it reaches the stomach. When the hydro-peroxides are applied to the surfaces of air particles, they will break down the particle’s outer membrane, which compromises the ability it has to protect or contain the inner parts. When this occurs, the cell will die.

Benefits of Using the Reme Halo® In-Duct Air Purifier
The air inside of a home may be made up to 100 times more pollution and toxic particles than the air that is outside. This can have a significant impact on a person’s health and comfort. Some of the more specific benefits offered by installing this unit can be found below.

Safe Removal of Dust Particles
Compared to some of the other air purifying devices available today, the Reme-Halo® is one of the only ones to use Ionized-Hydro-Peroxide. This is considered a very safe and effective IAQ solution. This specific technology is created by combining oxygen and humidity, which will safely and seamlessly remove all dust particles present in the home.

Ability to Kill Up to 99% of Bacteria and Viruses. According to information from the RGF Environmental Group, Inc., this is a unique indoor air quality system that provides a very low-energy, advanced air purification and oxidation process. It is a proven method for eliminating bacteria and viruses, along with 99% of all other airborne contaminants while being safe. The Reme-Halo® is also proven to be effective in fighting an array of viruses, including H1N1, VOCs, and MRSA.

It Is Efficient and Convenient
Unlike some of the portable devices that are available today that have limited efficiency, the Reme-Halo® offers an entirely new level of home purification. It works perfectly with the HVAC system in a home, no matter if it is shut off or running. Additionally, this device doesn’t take up much space and it is completely silent when it is operating, which makes it much more convenient than many of the other air purifiers on the market today.

A Cost-Effective Solution
The modern air purification systems used today may require frequent replacement and require a lot of maintenance. However, this isn’t the case with the Reme-Halo®. After it has been installed properly, the system will not require any type of extensive maintenance. This means that a homeowner can save money on total monthly energy costs. It also offers a high MERV, which is beneficial.

The Shroud
One of the unique features that have been built into the design of the Reme Halo® that should be mentioned is the shroud that surrounds the Reme Halo® cell. The shroud can be adjusted to provide a higher or lower flow of ionized particles in the environment. When installing the unit, the shroud can be thought of as an aperture. It lets one create bigger or smaller holes for the air to move through.

Applications for the Reme Halo® In-Duct Air Purifier
This air purifier is a powerful and effective IAQ solution. The military of the United States has used this in various field hospitals to help reduce the growth of microbial substances. Also, the FSIS, FDA, and USDA have approved it to be used in food processing plants across the country. This has helped to reduce the presence of microbial contamination in the food that is processed in the facilities.

However, it can be used in almost any setting and provide an array of benefits. It is effective in both commercial and residential settings, which include single-family condos, homes, and apartments; retail spaces and commercial office buildings; resorts, hotels, and motels; and bars, restaurants, and diners.

It is important to remember that most people spend much of their life indoors. If someone continues to breathe in polluted air, it is going to affect their health in many ways. However, with an air purifier, like the one described here, these adverse effects can be fought and often eliminated. Those who are interested in breathing cleaner air, should consider the benefits this device has to offer.

Have the Unit Installed Today
Today, clean, properly filtered air is a coveted asset. While the air purification systems available today do require an investment, it is one that is worth making. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to ensure that the desired results are achieved and that a person gets the healthy, clean, toxin-free air that they want to breathe. By installing the Reme Halo® In-Duct Air Purifier, it is possible to reap all the benefits mentioned here, and so many more. Being informed and knowing what to expect are the best ways to enjoy all the benefits of this modern, effective air purifier.