Surprising Ways That Updating Your Home Heating System Can Save You Money

If you live in a part of the country that has to deal with cold winter temperatures, you know how expensive your heating system can be. You’ve probably experienced that lurch in your stomach when you open up your new heating bill. While you can’t turn the heat off during the winter, you can find better ways to save your money without sacrificing your comfort. Below you can take a look at a few ways that upgrading your home heating system through the best Montgomery, AL HVAC company can save you money. These tips are applicable for homes of all sizes.

Heating System Upgrades Save You Money

Did you know that electric heating can make up for nearly half of your entire household’s electricity bill? It’s true! Did you also know that most homes are prime to have their furnace replaced by a newer and more effective model? If you live in an older home and you’ve never replaced your furnace or electrical heating system, you are likely due for an upgrade. Most HVAC systems have a lifespan of roughly 25 years which means that almost every older home is due to get some work done. While replacing your heating system can help to improve your home’s efficiency, how does it help you save money?

1) Upgrade Your Thermostats – When it comes time to really enhance the heating system in your home, you need to look to your thermostats. If you live in an older home, you probably don’t have a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats are one of the easiest upgrades that you can incorporate into your HVAC system. These special thermostats will allow you to control when your furnace turns on as well as for how long. Being able to fine-tune your energy use will allow you to dial back your utility bills.

2) Consider a New System Upgrade – If you are in an older home, you probably have an older furnace. Older furnaces tend to break down over time, thus leading to reduced efficiency. When the efficiency of your furnace starts to fade, your utility bills can begin to climb. While replacing your furnace can be an intimidating task, it is actually fairly easy with the help of a qualified HVAC contractor. When it comes time to replace your furnace, consider moving to forced air heating. Forced air furnaces are incredibly popular due to their affordability and ability to reduce your utility bills. These forced air furnace systems provide quick comfort to your home with fuel efficiency revolving around natural gas. Forced air furnaces are incredibly reliable because they won’t stop working if your power goes out. There are a number of different options available to you, so make sure that you consult with your favorite HVAC contractor before making a decision.

3) High-Efficiency Systems – If you have an older heating system in your home, you are probably wasting money every time that you turn it on. Why is this the case? Well, simply put, older furnaces were not engineered with the kind of high-efficiency capabilities that modern models have. You can now find high-efficiency furnaces for a fraction of the cost of a similar furnace from two decades ago. Along with a reduction in your utility bill, a high-efficiency furnace will heat up your home when you need without any delay. High-efficiency heating systems also may make you eligible for a tax rebate from your state, so make sure that you check with your accountant during tax time.

4) Save on Repair Costs – When older furnaces start to have problems, it can be hard to solve them. Unfortunately, older furnaces don’t get better with age, so you’ll end up spending quite a bit of money on repairs over the years. Instead of writing checks for constant repairs every year, consider upgrading your HVAC system to a newer model that won’t leave you reeling with problems. A newer system will be more reliable and thus more affordable to maintain. You don’t have to live with the problems that your old heating system keeps giving you!

No matter what kind of heating system you are thinking about, consider all of your available options. A new HVAC system can change the complexion of your home while saving you money in the long run. Look at your home’s specific needs before contacting a reputable contractor!