Important Spring AC Maintenance Areas

At AirNow Cooling & Heating, we’re proud to help you and your family with all potential heating and air considerations. One of the most important areas we cover within your HVAC upkeep is standard basic maintenance, which covers a few basic areas. 

Standard AC and heater maintenance is vital because it keeps your system at a high level of performance while catching issues that might turn costly before this happens. In general, it’s best to check your cooling system during the upcoming spring, as this is the period of time just before air conditioning repair services like ours tend to get busy. Let’s look at a few important areas you should specifically consider within your AC areas.  

Evaporator and Condenser AC Coils 

First off, ensure the coils throughout your system are checked and cleaned properly. Dirty coils will limit the cooling ability of the system, forcing it to run longer to accomplish the same cooling goals. Over time, this will put more stress on the components of the system and lower its lifespan.  

Blower Components 

In addition, an air conditioner provides comfort in part through blower components, which help maintain air flow throughout the system. Without checking and adjusting these components regularly, the system may have reduced airflow that can significantly lower your efficiency. This can in turn lead to the same kinds of long-term system stress as we discussed above.  

Refrigerant Levels 

If needed, adjust your AC’s refrigerant level during your standard maintenance. Refrigerant levels can get either too high or too low, and either end of this spectrum can reduce the efficiency of the system. This will increase your total energy costs and, like our other areas discussed above, will reduce the overall lifespan you get out of your equipment.  

For more on basic AC maintenance areas, or to learn about any of our air conditioning repair servicesspeak to the pros at AirNow Cooling & Heating today.