Prevent an Air Conditioner Breakdown This Summer – Before It’s Too Late!

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures heat up in Alabama and the air conditioners run seemingly 24/7. The South is known for its hot, humid climate, and residents in Montgomery and the surrounding areas know all too well about the importance of having a finely tuned air-conditioning unit. Before summer takes its hold on the state, you might want to consider getting an AC tune up. It can help you avoid troublesome breakdowns and beat the heat during another blistering season.
Check and change the air filter

You should make it a regular habit to clean or to change the air filter every month. It doesn’t take long for debris, dust and particulates to clog a filter. When it’s clogged, the air can’t flow freely into your home. It makes the unit work harder and can lead to problems.
Keep debris away from the unit

An air conditioner needs room to breathe, so it’s a good idea to cut away any tall grass or weeds that could block the venting system. If the air conditioner is surrounded by shrubs, trimming the branches can help free up space around the unit as well as give your technician easy access during a maintenance check.

Use energy-saving thermostat settings

A good maintenance checklist should always include information about adjusting the thermostat to reduce the load on your air conditioner. During the hottest part of the day, use an energy-saving setting on your thermostat to keep the unit from working harder than it has to. Keeping the temperature at 78 degrees Fahrenheit will cool your home while reducing your energy bill.

Unblock all the vents

Blocking the vents doesn’t save energy. In fact, it increases the pressure load on your air conditioner. If you close the vents in your room, all you’re doing is blocking the cool air and hurting your air conditioner’s performance. Open all the vents, and keep them free of any obstructions that could hinder the airflow.

Get a professional AC tune up

Routine maintenance is the key to making your air conditioner perform well for years beyond its warranty. A professional technician can identify problems that you’re not aware of and prevent a possible breakdown during the summer. If you hear any odd noises like low hums or loud clanks, you should contact a professional right away. The problems will only get worse the longer you wait.

Want a well-tuned air conditioner this summer? Contact us directly for information about our professional HVAC services in Montgomery, Millbrook and the surrounding areas. The temperatures are only going to rise over the next few months, making your air conditioner work harder. Getting a tune-up now while it’s still pleasant outside will prevent frustration and keep you from sitting in the heat.