How to Save Money This Year With an HVAC Service Agreement

Cooling and heating companies are quick to point out the cost saving benefits of preventative HVAC maintenance, but can it really save you money in the long run? The short answer is “yes,” but cost savings is only one advantage of investing in an HVAC service agreement. This guide explains how property owners can benefit from establishing long term contracts with their HVAC company.

What are HVAC Service Agreements?
Customers with service agreements pay a set fee for ongoing HVAC maintenance over a period of time. These plans often include biannual tune ups to check your cooling and heating system. Service agreements guarantee priority service and emergency repairs at a reduced cost.

How HVAC Service Agreements Save Money
Preventative HVAC maintenance can reduce your energy bill immensely by ensuring that your unit always operates at optimal capacity. By checking to see if all parts are in proper working order and replacing those that aren’t, your unit will require less energy to run. Therefore, it has a lower impact on the environment and your wallet. Addressing small problems in your unit as they occur also keeps easy fixes from becoming expensive repairs. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association has more information about the importance of regular HVAC maintenance and how it can expand the lifespan of your unit.
Should You be a Priority Customer?
Having an HVAC service agreement means that you move to the top of the priority list. For homes with children and elderly adults, fast service is imperative when the AC breaks down during the summer, so make sure you know that emergency service is included.

HVAC Service and Repair in Montgomery, Alabama
AirNow Cooling & Heating offers flexible service plans to meet the many needs of our diverse clientele. Based in Millbrook, Alabama, AirNow Cooling & Heating has a proud history of HVAC service in Montgomery and surrounding areas. In addition to installations, tune ups and repairs, we provide customers with advice for improving energy efficiency along with careful cost-benefit analyses. If you’re ready to reduce your energy bill and become our top priority, contact AirNow Cooling & Heating today to ask about our service agreements.