Understanding the Benefits of a Remote Thermostat

Here at Air Control AZ, we specialize in installing and repairing air conditioning systems in Kingman. Over the years, we have learned that having a remote thermostat — one that is connected to the Internet — is extremely advantageous. And not only is this type of thermostat beneficial to residential properties, but even moreso for commercial facilities.

No matter the type of commercial property that you are running — school, restaurant, fitness facility — energy management is of the utmost importance. And being that HVAC units usually account for the largest amount of energy usage, it makes perfect sense that a thermostat that automatically conserves energy will be of great benefit.

With a remote Wi-Fi thermostat, you’ll enjoy a system that features advanced controls that allow you to effectively control how your HVAC system operates. Diagnostics are loaded to a server, providing you an in-depth view of when your energy usage peaks. This type of thermostat allows you to modify temperature settings according to the events that are taking place in your facility, which enables you to achieve optimal energy conservation.

Best of all, you can control a remote Wi-Fi thermostat from anywhere that has connection to the Internet. Even if your 1,000 miles away, by using your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can instantaneously control the settings on the thermostat. You can also access the thermostat’s diagnostics, meaning if you see that something odd is taking place, you can alert an HVAC specialist to check out the problem.

Here’s a quick look at the top four benefits you’ll gain from a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat in your home or commercial property:

  • When you’re not at home, you can adjust temperature settings so that energy usage is lessened
  • Your utility bills will decrease because your energy consumption won’t be as high
  • You can have your home warm itself before you get home
  • You can have your home automatically decrease temperature while sleeping and then warm back up at your waking time

If you are interested in having a Wi-Fi thermostat installed, there are many options for you to take advantage of, and here at Air Control AZ, we’re ready to answer any of your questions.