5 Ways to Have a Fun Summer in Montgomery

When you’re looking to have a fun in the summertime in Montgomery, Alabama, there is almost an endless supply of activities to take part in. This wonderful city welcomes everyone with southern hospitality, which is sure to leave you yearning to come back time and time again. Here are 5 ways you and your family can have a fun summer in Montgomery.

Visit the parks

During the summer, the parks are bustling with activities, as there is almost always something going on, including summer festivals, cookouts, and country concerts. Whatever you find to be the most fun, Montgomery has it. Make sure to cool off with residential air conditioning in Montgomery after being out in the sun all day. It can get pretty hot here.

The riverboat

If you’re interested in going on a relaxing cruise, make sure to take a ride on the Harriott II Riverboat. Fish, ducks, and other kinds of aquatic fauna can be seen as you float downstream. Be sure to bring your camera along because there are plenty of picture-worthy views on the river.


There’s no better time to play golf than in the summertime, and Montgomery has plenty of courses for you and the guys to enjoy. You’ll be happy to spend some time on the greens with the fellas. You and your buddies can relax and sip on ice cold beer, or if you prefer, there’s nothing better than Alabama sweet tea.

Walking trails

There are plenty of scenic trails to be explored in Montgomery. If you’re looking for some quick exercise, jogging trails are abundant, and they can make an afternoon run very enjoyable. And don’t worry, a lot of these trails are covered by trees, providing you with lots of shade as you walk or run.


Along the riverside, there are dozens of spots for you and the family to fish. You can even set up camp and spend the weekend roasting marshmallows and grilling fresh catfish. If you prefer sleeping in an RV, you can rest assured there are plenty of RV campsites for you and your family to visit.