Tackle Spring Cleaning the Easy Way, One Step at a Time

In today’s busy world, there simply isn’t time to tackle spring cleaning the old-fashioned way. Here’s convenient, time-saving ways to address some of your spring cleaning chores.

Streak-free windows

Cleaning outside windows by hand is a daunting task. Simply attach a bottle of outdoor window cleaner to your hose and you’re finished. Dirty panes are no problem when you use rubber-edged squeegees, which are quicker and more effective than cloth.

Cleaning out the refrigerator

Spring is the time to rid your fridge of any expired foods, re-arrange your shelves and make a grocery list of what needs to be refreshed. Before re-stocking, wipe down all the surfaces. Be sure to pick up a fresh box of baking soda to eliminate odors.

Dust light bulbs

Unscrew light bulbs and polish the bulbs with a microfiber cloth dampened with water. Avoid wetting the metal screw base. Clean bulbs in recessed ceiling fixtures with a telescoping lamb’s wool duster.


Don’t strain yourself. Now is the time to move the furniture for that really good cleaning. Using furniture sliders under the legs of the heavy pieces will make all the difference.

Re-arrange your spring and summer wardrobe

Now is the time to bring your summer clothes to the front of the closet. Keep a large trash bag handy to place those slightly used clothes aside for your local charity collection.

Schedule a pro

Compile a list of all the services you require from professionals and schedule them around the same time. For instance, spring is the perfect time to have your heating and air conditioning systems inspected.

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