Reverse Heating System?

What Exactly Is a Reverse Heating System?

A reverse heating system is one that combines a heating system and air conditioner in one. These operate extremely quietly and help to maintain precise temperature readings throughout the home. If someone is considering the installation of this type of heating system, they likely want to know more about it before making a move. This is completely normal.

What Is the Reverse Heating System?

More commonly called a heat pump, a reverse heating system will collect all the ambient heat present in the air that is outside the home. This air is then compressed into hot air and it is sent throughout the home. These are called reverse systems because they provide two purposes. While they are effective at introducing warmed air into the home during the colder months of the year, the systems can also send cool air into the home during the spring and summer months.

How Does the Reverse Heating System Work?

All air-sourced systems will work the same, basic way. There is a fan that channels the warm air into the heat pump. At this point, the air will move across a chemical refrigerant that is made to be heat sensitive. As the chemical gets hot, it is compressed and pumped through a valve. At this point, the energy is moved from the pump to a heating coil. Once in place, another fan will distribute the warmed air from the coil to a specific area in the home, or the entire home.

It is also possible to have a ground-based system installed. These work in a similar way, except the coils, are in the soil. They will also absorb the heat from the ground, rather than the atmosphere.

What Are the Different Types of Reverse Cycle Heating Systems?

There are three main options when it comes to reverse cycle heating systems. The first is an installation for a single room. With these, there is a unit installed outside the home, and then the treated hair is pumped into the desired room.

Another option is the ducted system. These will have a system of ducts that move the air through the house through the floor or ceiling piping. The last option is a split system. With this, the compressor is found outside the home, and the other system components are indoors.

What Are the Benefits Offered by Installing a Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooking System?

If someone has ever heard of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, then they understand the main advantage is how it can provide the home with both cooled and heated air. Rather than having to install two different systems, it is possible to enjoy a single machine that provides both heated and cooled air. This ensures comfort throughout the year, more control, and reduced costs for installation.

Keep in mind, that these are just a few of the benefits offered by the ducted reverse cycle system. There are several other benefits offered by this system, as well. These can be found here.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners want to take steps to reduce their energy costs. The good news about this is that a ducted heating and cooling system will not just help someone save money initially by eliminating the need to have two machines installed, they are also designed to be more energy-efficient. 

Most heaters work in a way where they “create” heat. This process uses a lot of energy. However, with the ducted reverse cycle system, the heat pump concept is applied. As mentioned above, the system will transfer the warmth from outside, warm air, to help cool it down.

When it is set to the heating mode, it means that the system will pull warm air from outside the home and then send it to the cold, inside air. When turned to cool mode, the system will just do the opposite of this. It is important to note, that heat transfer is a completely natural process. This means it does not consume as much power as traditional heating systems.

Quiet Operation

If someone wants to have air conditioning and heating solutions that provide quiet, yet efficient operation, then this system is best. The ducted reverse cycle system is designed to be extremely quiet. It is possible to find several ducted system options, all of that is based on their total volume, along with power. Along with this, some are designed with a quiet operation mode, too.

Improved Air Quality in the Home

Health is a crucial factor when selecting a quality air conditioning system. Since the discussion is about air, the ducted and cooling system has the potential to blow bacteria, dust, odors, and more all around the house. Some of the modern systems that are now available are designed with certain types of built-in protection. Thanks to a series of filters, the ducted system can catch all the particles mentioned above. This helps to ensure that the home only receives clean, fresh air. Keep in mind, that it is necessary to clean and maintain the filters in place regularly. This is something that professionals can help with.

Superior Flexibility

The weather in any area is extremely unpredictable. One day it may be freezing with hail coming down and the next it could be sunny, warm, and humid. Because of this, it is important to have a heating and cooling system that is flexible and that can deal with both extremes. Ducted cooling and heating is the ideal solution for this.

With this system, it is possible to switch between cooling and heating with a single press of a button. Also, ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling are ideal for all types and sizes of homes, along with all types of weather conditions someone may encounter during the year.

It Looks Nice

When building a dream house, things can be exciting. Most people have a specific idea of what they want the inside and outside of the home look like. The last thing that most people want is a visually unappealing, bulky-looking, unit mounted to the wall. With the ducted reverse cycle system, the unit is installed flush with the floor or ceiling. Also, thanks to the presence of low-profile vents, it is possible to reduce visual clutter or any type of distractions that would otherwise be present in a living room.

Why Is Professional Installation Recommended?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to the installation of a new heating and cooling system. While the process may seem simple and straightforward, hiring professionals is highly recommended.

There are more than a few reasons to hire the pros for this important equipment installation.

They Know What to Do

The professionals are going to know what needs to be done to quickly and properly install the new system. Even if homeowners were to watch multiple YouTube videos and read all types of DIY articles, they may never be able to handle the installation process on their own. If the homeowner tries to handle this, they may make mistakes that cause damage to the system, their home, or injuries to themselves or someone in the house. A professional has the skills and experience to handle the installation issue with no issues.

Tools and Equipment

Another reason it is a good idea to hire professionals for the installation of a reverse heating system is that they are going to have all the tools and equipment needed for this job. The installation of home comfort appliances requires special tools. Most homeowners, who aren’t in the HVAC field, will not have all of these in their garage. The option at this point is to try to borrow what is needed from a friend or family or to go out and buy a tool that may never be needed again.

Neither of these options is ideal. When the professionals are hired for installation services, they will arrive at the home with everything needed to handle the job. This reduces the amount of time that is needed to complete the project while increasing the money savings a homeowner will see.

Warranty or Guarantee

Most HVAC service technicians are going to stand behind the work they do. This is true for any reputable company. As a result, the company will provide a guarantee or warranty for the service and work they do, which ensures they will return and provide any needed repairs if the issue is caused by something they did. It is important to note that if a technician or company does not offer this service warranty or guarantee, it is a good idea to find service elsewhere.

How To Find the Right Technician for the Job?

When it is time to hire a technician or company for the installation of a reverse heating system, finding the right person for the job is a must. The good news is, that there are a few things a person can consider to find a company or individual that can handle the work that needs to be done.

Get Recommendations

One of the first things a person should do when they are trying to have a new heating or cooling system installed is to get recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers who live in the local area. At some point, everyone needs the services of an HVAC technician. As a result, it is possible to get first-hand information and advice about the services that are offered. Take some time to get recommendations for three or four different companies before moving on to the next step.

Learn More About Each Recommended Option

The next step is to learn more about each of the options that have been recommended. For example, what type of services do they offer? Do they provide service to the area where the homeowner is located? What do online reviews say about the person or company? It is a good idea to find out as much information as possible about an HVAC service provider before hiring them. This is going to help eliminate the ones that may not be right for the job.

Get Estimates for Service

Before selecting a service provider, get estimates, in writing from a minimum of three. This will allow a homeowner to compare the costs, line by line, and find the company that offers the most value.

Calling the Professionals for System Installation Will Pay Off

When it comes to having a new heating and cooling system installed in a home, there are several factors to consider. Along with knowing what is offered by a reverse heating system, it is also a good idea to find the right company or individual to handle the installation process. With the tips here, a person can feel confident they will get the system they need, installed properly the first time.