How to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioning Units

One of the worst situations that you can experience is a broken AC unit on a hot summer day. Perhaps you were outside and enjoying the sun. You’re looking forward to the cool relief provided by your AC unit. Yet the second you walk inside your home, you discover that your skin isn’t receiving the typical cold blast that it normally does. Your AC unit has kicked the bucket. AirNow, a Montgomery, AL A/C repair company, can take care of this problem for you quickly and easily. However, it’d likely be better if you could prevent the need for repairs in the first place. This article will discuss a few methods that you can utilize that can maintain your AC unit and ensure its lifespan is as long as possible.

Regular Inspections

One of the best methods that you can utilize to keep your AC unit running efficiently is to search for an “a/c repairmen near me” and have them perform an inspection on your unit. These inspections should take place twice a year for the optimal health of your unit. The first should be in the fall and the second should be in the spring. These inspections allow professionals to take a look at the unit and ensure that everything is working correctly.

It’s quite common for professionals to clean certain parts of the unit. The coils and ducts, for example, are some of the places that need cleaning the most. Not doing so can cause an accident like a fire to occur. An inspection can also ensure that if there are any parts of the unit that are starting to degrade, they can be switched out. Without doing so, the part can break and potentially cause a lot of strain on the unit. Replacing old parts during the inspection is one of the best ways to keep your AC unit maintained.

Changing Out Air Filters

Another method for maintaining your AC unit is changing out the air filter. As its name might suggest, the air filter helps keep contaminants out of the air in your home. Because air is pulled from outside and pumped into your home, a filter can ensure that pollen, dust, and other pollutants remain outside. Otherwise, those who suffer from allergies and breathing problems in the house can have an even more difficult time breathing.

Over time, those filters start to become clogged. A professional can either clean or replace the air filters during each inspection. It is possible for you to replace the air filters yourself, but it’s better if you leave them in the hands of professionals. You don’t want to accidentally break the unit while performing an otherwise simple task.

Changing out the air filter can also help the lifespan of your AC unit. Without it being clogged, the filter can make the airflow from the unit to the home a lot more efficient. If it’s clogged, then that airflow is slower and the unit has to work harder and longer to cool down the home.


After the a/c installation services are complete, you have yourself a beautiful and new AC unit. However, it won’t stay beautiful forever. Grease and dust will eventually overtake the unit. By cleaning those inner delicate parts of the unit, you can help the unit run more efficiently and ensure that its lifespan is as long as possible.

While you can certainly help clean out the ducts, some of the inner machinery is best left to the professionals. They have the proper tools to clean the delicate parts without breaking them. You might accidentally break something or clean something incorrectly that could injure the unit.

With a clean AC unit, it’s basically brand new. Without dust and grease clogging up its parts, it can run easier. It’s also safer to use.

Duct Cleaning

One part of your AC unit that you may not think about is your ducts. They can be packed full of dust if not cleaned regularly. This can impact your AC unit because it can make airflow just that much more difficult. Air ducts that are clogged can also pose a health and fire risk.

You can keep your AC unit running efficiently by having your ducts cleaned. Not only will this improve the air quality of your home but it will also make it safer. Utilize a professional service to make duct cleaning easier and quicker. It will also typically be done better too.