What Are the Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump?

Before we speak of its benefits, we must know what it is. A heat pump is a system that can move hot air from one place in your home to another via a compressor. This component circulates a structure of refrigerant that comes in either liquid or gas form through heat that is extracted from external sources. This heat is then pumped indoors to create a comfortable temperature that you want to experience during the cold months. Though these heating systems are gaining popularity as a method to create heat in a person’s home, many people are still unaware of their many benefits. Let’s look at why you should get this type of heating system for your home and how it can benefit you.

Uses Less Electricity

One of the main advantages of using this type of pump is the fact that it uses less electricity when compared to other forms of heating. Older heating systems that utilize combustion can run your electric bill up high in your home. These types of heating systems are incredibly energy efficient and can save you tons of money on your electric bill. They are also environmentally friendly as well and are considered a fantastic investment to save you money in the long run.

They Require Less Maintenance

Another convenient reason you should invest in this type of heating system is that they require less maintenance. Older furnaces can malfunction due to the slightest disturbance. This can lead to costly repairs that you will have to shell out in order to keep it running. Fortunately, this type of heating system does not require this amount of maintenance. While it is recommended that you get your furnace inspected twice per year by a professional, your pump would only need to be checked once a year. This can save you maintenance costs down the line.

They Are Much Safer Than Combustion Heating Systems

Heating pumps are considered much safer for your home than older heating systems. This is something to consider as your heating system will be working hard this winter. The chances of an older model breaking are much higher than compared to using these new types of heating systems. Combustion heating can potentially cause fire and spread unhealthy dust into your home when they begin to break down. Heating pumps are environment-friendly and do not showcase any of these potential hazards.

They Can Also Cool Your Home

Another great advantage of using this type of heater in your home is that they can provide cooling during the summer time. This feature can be flipped with the simple swipe of a switch. You will be able to heat your home during the winter and cool it down during the summer time. This will also keep costs down in your home during the summer time as well.

Incredibly Long Lifespans

Traditional combustion furnaces have a usual lifespan of around 15-20 years. In comparison, this heating system can last up to 50 years! This is an incredible benefit to take advantage of when you are considering purchasing this type of pump. However, it should be noted that your pump will last longer with regular maintenance. Be sure to schedule services per our recommendation to keep it running optimally.

Uniform Heating for Your Home

Utilizing this heating system in your home will give you equal heating to every part of your house. There are no frequent heat fluctuations that are associated with other heating systems. Another benefit is that they are incredibly quiet and comfortable for you to use in your home. You will experience a quiet and convenient way to heat your home with this incredible heating system.

Less Carbon Emissions

Finally, these types of heating systems are incredibly environmentally friendly. They produce fewer carbon emissions than their combustion counterparts and have an efficient conversion rate that ranges from 600 percent. This is incredibly healthy for the environment and will leave less of a carbon footprint in your area.

Doing Your Part to Help the Environment

With new advancements in renewable energy coming to the market, our options for energy efficient sources of heating are expanding. This is by far the best option for individuals looking to save themselves money each year and improve their output of heat in their homes. This will take you one step closer to finding the cleaner source of heat that you have always wanted in your home. Make sure to call your local heating contractor in your area to get yourself a free estimate as well!