The Benefits of Packaged Heating and Air Systems

Why Conventional Split HVAC Might Not Cut It

Could your choice of air conditioning and heating system redefine your relationship with your home or business? While your HVAC device isn’t going to mow the lawn or make up for questionable interior design choices, it has the power to save you space, money and hassle depending on what kind of hardware you install.

Packaged heating and air installations are growing in popularity among savvy property owners. Here’s why you should get to know them.

What Is Packaged HVAC?

HVAC systems come in a range of designs. Packaged units are those that house different components in shared enclosures to deliver various functional benefits. For instance, some packaged terminal air conditioners, or PTACs, include AC handlers, coils and compressors in a single housing. Packaged terminal heat pumps, or PTHP, designs locate heat pumps, heat sources and support systems in one convenient, unified location.

The Many Virtues of Packaged Design

Why might you want to install a packaged HVAC device? As the U.S. Department of Energy notes, there are many potential advantages.

Heightened Mechanical and System Efficiency

High-efficiency rotary, variable-speed and scroll compressors let manufacturers create fine-tuned packaged systems that make better use of fuel and power. Placing the entire system in a single unit also enables the use of intelligent control software, motion-detection features, temperature-sensing hardware and other energy management tools to track performance and limit consumption, which reduces your utility bills.

Improved Heat Exchange

Modern packaged devices employ high-end heat exchangers to transfer energy with heightened efficacy. Many incorporate extremely efficient fans and thermal bridging designs to reduce energy losses. Of course, keeping everything together also helps.

Superior Durability

It’s easier to safeguard a single unit against environmental degradation than it is to protect a whole host of different devices. Instead of weatherizing individual components and trying to seal the ventilation, wiring and piping that connect them all, manufacturers can create hardier enclosures with fewer gaps. Such fabrication strategies go a long way towards limiting the impacts of water, mechanical damage, salt and other factors.

Better Use of Space

Are you running out of floor space at your crowded residential or commercial property? Installing a packaged heating and air solution is an excellent way to reclaim some elbow room. Unlike split systems, packaged systems get everything done from a single location. They’re also easier to access if they require repairs or routine maintenance.

Modern Compatibility

If you’re planning on installing an air-quality device, like a purifier or humidifier, then packaged heating and air is the way to go. Many of these contemporary units pair with other hardware easily, so they’re perfect for people who prefer their climate control to be just right.

Should You Pick a Packaged Unit?

Packaged climate control systems have several uses, and they come in many forms. Although most people stand to benefit from installing these appliances, it’s worth considering that not every device will be a perfect match for everyone.

Talking to an expert can help you make a smarter decision. To learn more about packaged solutions, visit AirNow online today.