AirNow Shining Stars

Employee Spotlight– Darryl Otto

Darryl Otto joined AirNow Cooling & Heating as a technician just a year ago, bringing with him nearly a decade worth of experience. He quickly distinguished himself as the go-to guy on the team due to his focus on customer service and ability to easily tackle even the toughest challenges. He is a master of strategic problem solving and thrives on helping customers and teammates. Darryl completed the Archi-TECH Training Series, attended Universal Technical Academy, and is a Power Performing Technician. He has also taken a number of classes with Alabama Power. All of this education paid off not only in his abilities as a technician, but Darryl also teaches AirNow’s employees about various aspects of the company’s service approach.

When not at work, Darryl enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his wife Melinda, their daughter Nadiah, and a teacup Poodle. He is an avid woodworker and a great aim: he shoots clays and arrows as an archer. He is also a fresh- and saltwater angler.