Ever feel like you don’t need the lower levels of your house as warm or cool as the upper levels?  A zoned heating and air conditioning system could be just what the technician ordered.

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Zoned heating and air conditioning systems enable you set different areas of your house at different temperatures.  These areas are called “zones.”  Each zone could have its own thermostat, which will allow you to customize the temperature for that specific zone.  For example, the upstairs could be one zone while downstairs is another.  You can the temperature set at 73 degrees upstairs while the downstairs temp is set at 70.  Zoned heating and air conditioning systems allow you to have the air conditioning or heat running in one area of the house without having it run in another. This is especially important in

How does a zoned heating and air conditioning system work?

Zoned heating and air conditioning systems are based around a single HVAC unit.  That unit distributes air to the appropriate zones within a house through use of valves (also known as “dampers”).  Each damper relegates airflow to a specific zone.

While zoned systems use a single unit, they rely on multiple thermostats, each located in its own zone.  You set the temperature in that zone to the degree you would like.  If the temperature in the zone rises above or falls below the preset temperature, the heat or air conditioning will kick in to regulate the temperature, keeping it at the desired level.  In order to do this the system’s dampers will open in that particular zone; once the appropriate temperature is reach they will close and the unit will shut off.

You really can’t go wrong with a zoned HVAC system.  AirNow specializes in providing and installing zoned heating and air conditioning systems in Montgomery AL and the surrounding areas.  If a zoned heating and cooling system is something you’re interested in, contact us or call 334-285-7065 today.  We can help you decide if a zoned heating and air conditioning system is right for your home.


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