It’s a perfect time for a tune-up of your system

tune up 96

Your “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” Consists of These 34 Individual Operations:

  1. Inspect Heat Exchanger
  2. Inspect Drain Pan for Build Up
  3. Inspect All Safety Controls
  4. Light Pilot Assembly If Required
  5. Clean Burners If Required
  6. Clean & Adjust Pilot Assembly/ Thermocouple
  7. Inspect Fuse/Breaker Assembly
  8. Adjust Burner
  9. Inspect for Gas Leaks
  10. Lubricate all Moving Parts (where applicable)
  11. Inspect Air Filters
  12. Check Flue Pipe & Draft
  13. Inspect Fan Control
  14. Check for Proper Temperature Rise
  15. Clean Condensate Trap If Applicable
  16. Inspect for Carbon Monoxide
  17. Inspect Complete Heat Cycle
  18. Inspect all Electrical Elements
  19. Inspect High Limit
  20. Inspect Bearings on Blower and Motor
  21. Inspect Condenser Coil
  22. Monitor Operation Pressures of refrigerant (if applicable)
  23. Inspect Safety Devices for Proper Operation
  24. Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation
  25. Tighten All Electrical Connections
  26. Test/Inspect Contactors for Burned, Pitted Contacts
  27. Inspect Electrical For Exposed Wiring
  28. Test and Inspect Capacitors
  29. Inspect Fan Blade
  30. Clean Condenser Coil/Remove Debris (if applicable)
  31. Inspect Service Valves For Proper Operation (if applicable)
  32. Measure Temperature Differences – Supply/Return
  33. Inspect Ductwork For Energy Loss
  34. Monitor Compressor For Proper Amperage, Volt Draw and Wiring Connections (where applicable)

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