Looking for a way to reduce your energy bills during the winter time?  Perhaps you should consider installing a gas heat system.

Gas heat systems are well-known for being highly energy efficient and cost-effective.  Today’s modern systems boast high AFUE ratings (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), providing maximum comfort for minimal dollars per month.

AirNow Gas Heat Products

At AirNow we offer a number of different types of new gas heating systems, including:

  • Heat pumps
  • Gas furnaces
  • Forced air systems
  • More!
Did you know…
  • Natural gas heat is extremely cost-effective and generally results in lower utility bills.
  • Low carbon dioxide emissions makes gas heat a safe alternative.

We guarantee we will be able to provide you with a gas heating system to suit your unique needs.

Contact AirNow today to have a new gas heat system installed. We will come to your house and provide you with an insightful, detailed recommendation on the best system to suit your needs.  We’ll follow that up with a free estimate and up front pricing that provides you with all the cost details you will need in order to make a decision – before we proceed with any work.

AirNow’s gas installation services are designed to provide you with the right system for your home.  To set up an appointment simply fill out our appointment form, give us a call at 334-285-7065, or send us an email at  We’ll be happy to help set up your new gas heat system!

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