What if you could make home improvements that increase your comfort, lower your energy costs, add value to your home, and do something good for the environment? And what if you could get some money back from Uncle Sam at the same time?

Updated Tax Incentives for Homeownerstax

Amazingly there are a number of great tax incentives to take advantage of.  We’ve found one of the best place to stay up to date on Alabama HVAC and Energy Tax credits is here: Desire.org.

The Federal Tax credits available to home owners has been a topic of hot controversy lately.  The latest is the the $500 Federal Tax incentives on certain HVAC units is again on for 2013!

What Is Considered a High Efficiency Unit?

Tax Credit: 10% of cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50–$300
Expires: December 31, 2013

A split system central air conditioner must meet or exceed 16 SEER and 13 EER; package system central air conditioners must meet or exceed 14 SEER and 12 EER.

An air source heat pump must meet or exceed 15 SEER and 12.5 EER and 8.5 HSPF, in order to qualify for the tax credit. Package heat pump systems must meet or exceed 14 SEER and 12 SEER and 8 HSPF.

Natural gas furnaces, propane furnaces, natural gas hot water boilers, propane hot water boilers, oil furnaces, and oil hot water boilers all must meet or exceed 95% AFUE.

If I claimed more than $500 in tax credits under the previous tax credit programs, am I still eligible?

No. The new law reinstates the lifetime tax credit limits, which disqualify any homeowner who has claimed more than $500 in 25c tax credits since January 1, 2005, from any further credits.

Why You Should Consider an Upgrade

Advances in technology over the last ten years mean that today’s higher efficiency HVAC equipment uses less energy, runs more quietly, and provides improved indoor air quality and comfort. And by using less energy and improved refrigerants, your new HVAC equipment is better for the environment.

Most homeowners would like to reduce their energy bills with higher efficiency HVAC equipment, and these tax credits help make the initial investment more affordable.

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