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What Are Some of the Most Common HVAC Repairs?

Alabama sees both hot and cold weather during an average year, which means homeowners must be prepared to deal with all types of weather conditions. Millbrook area homes must also be able to deal with damp conditions, as the area is always quite humid.  Montgomery, AL HVAC repair experts always [...]

Winter is Here: Is Your Home Heating Ready?

HVAC For Changing Temperatures Homeowners in Montgomery, AL are used to unpredictable weather, and changes in temperature make heating system maintenance a concern for many. The chances are that most people have their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on the “cool” or “heat” setting for several months. Once [...]

Why Is It Important to Hire a Quality HVAC Company?

Thanks to popular do-it-yourself shows on television today, more homeowners are choosing to tackle projects around the house. It makes sense to do so in numerous cases, as a person can save money while accomplishing something they may not have known they could do. Nevertheless, there are times when it [...]

How Can I Tell If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

There are some home maintenance tasks you know should be handled right away, while others may be put off for a little while. However, it’s the unseen tasks that are usually put on the back burner the longest, because you don’t realize they need doing. A home’s air ducts fall [...]

River Region Ethics Award

Community Leadership, Service and Contributions Congratulations to AirNow Cooling & Heating on winning 2019 River Region Ethics and Public Service Award on Monday, Oct 21, 2019. The awards recognized businesses for their community leadership, service and contributions to ethical business practices. “It was an honor to receive this award, [...]

Are Air Purifiers Really That Important?

Most homeowners know that HVAC companies take care of their heating and cooling systems, but few recognize exactly how valuable these services are. HVAC contractors install home heating and cooling systems, maintain them, and make necessary repairs, but they also offer solutions for improving indoor air quality testing Montgomery. Read [...]

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