AirNow has been installing and servicing gas-pack furnaces in Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, Tallassee and Wetumpka homes since 1991.

Are today’s gas furnaces more energy efficient than yesterday’s?

Most definitely.  Today’s furnaces are very efficient, and some of the best can provide a homeowner with substantial savings in both upkeep and monthly heating bills.  This is because most newer furnaces have Annual Fuel Efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 65 percent or more.  AFUE is a measurement rating designed to give a homeowner a better idea of the fuel efficiency of a system; the higher the percentage rating, the more efficient the system.  Many of today’s furnaces boast AFUE ratings of 90 percent or more.  In short, the furnaces made today are not the clunky, noisy, expensive ones that you may be familiar with.  They’re highly efficient and cost-effective.

What type of gas furnace is right for me?
As you can imagine there are many types of furnaces available.  At AirNow we can help you choose which is best for your home.  In the meantime, here’s a sampling of two of the most popular kinds:

Steam or hot water system – You’re probably familiar with this type.  Steam or hot water furnaces push steam or hot water through a series of pipes or stationary radiator to heat a home.

Central warm-air furnace – There are two types of central warm-air furnaces:  forced air and gravity-based.  Forced air furnaces force warm air through ducts and distribute it throughout a home.  Gravity-based furnaces rely on cold air, which is moved through the ducts, circulated into the furnace, and is redistributed through the home as warm air.

gas furnaceWhat should I be aware of when choosing a furnace?

When selecting a furnace, try to choose one that has a higher AFUE rating.  This could significantly reduce your monthly energy bills.  Before you make a purchase, however, talk to an Air Now Expert, who can best advise you on the type of furnace for your particular home.  If you have any questions – or would like to learn more about our furnace products and services – please contact AirNow.


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