Benefits of AirNow’s Preferred Service Membership:

Enjoy peace of mind when you become a Preferred Member at AirNow. Choose A/C & Heat or Electrical coverage or save when you combine. Combined coverage only $21.95 per month. See membership benefits below

A/C & Heat

  • Priority 1 Clients (Go to the front of the line of non-member clients)

  • $39.00 service fee

  • 20% off all repairs

  • Annual inspection of your heating and cooling system

  • Automatic reminders for your inspections

  • Prevent Costly Breakdowns at inconvenient times

  • Maintain the Peak efficiency of your heating and cooling system (Lower Utility Bills)

  • Reduce wear and tear on your equipment

  • Extend the life of your heating and cooling system

  • 5% OFF new systems installed

  • Lubricate, adjust and safety test specified equipment

  • Improve the Air Quality inside your home

  • Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your family will always be comfortable

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 


  • Priority 1 Clients (Go to the front of the line of non-member clients)

  • $39.00 service fee

  • 20% off all repairs (Excluding generators)

  • 5 Year Extended Warranty On All Material (As Long As You Remain A Member)

  • Annual Safety Inspection of your electrical system

  • Test All Smoke Alarms

  • Replace Up to 6 Smoke Alarm Batteries Every Year

  • Test All Accessible Outlets For Proper Grounding

  • Inspect Service For Any Damage Caused By Over Heating

  • Inspect Main Grounding System To Prevent Damage From Lighting

  • 5% Off Automatic Stand By Home Generator Installations

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Introducing AirNow’s referral reward program, 4NoWait.Club
Earning benefits is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5

  • No Card swiping
  • No signing up or logging in
  • No special number to remember

Provide us with the names of those friends and family you would like to refer; give your friends and family the web address, 4NoWait.Club; or give them a copy of this program description, and they can call AirNow direct. That’s it! We’ll take it from there.

When five sign up for the Preferred Service Membership you get a FREE year of Preferred Service Membership from AirNow.

Earn BIG rewards by referring others

Tell your friends and family how membership conserves energy, saves money on monthly utility bills and extends the life of their system.

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